Should You Vaccinate?

In response to an article that a friend of mine who is a mother sent me. I’m including the link to the article below along with a few other links I find in my research. Please be aware Christians from different communities can disagree on this issue, but we do not do so with arrogance and the pretense of being God’s only spokesperson on issues he hasn’t clearly addressed. Support this channel:
Sammy Ortiz Restoration Church Tampa

Interview with a local pastor doing micro church with the underground network in Tampa, Florida.

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Historical Methodology – Did it Actually Happen?

Responding to a friend’s question, did the flood in Genesis actually happen? Support this channel:

Link to Jordan Peterson’s Psychology of the Flood:

3rd Volume in the Christian Origins Series by NT Wright:

Wisdom Personified

Proverbs 8:33-36 Wisdom urges you to listen and be wise. Support this channel:

Daily Devotional Exodus 23:14-17

Devotional Reading on the 3 Pilgrimage Festivals found in Exodus 23:14-17. Support this channel:

Jordan Peterson’s Psychological Significance of the Genesis Stories

I explain what I think of Jordan Peterson’s psychological interpretation of the stories in Genesis.

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The Psychological Significance of the Biblical Stories: Genesis

Agape Love

A brief note on Paul’s great encomium on love in 1 Corinthians 13:1-13.

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Baptism incorporates you into the family of God, a world-wide faith community of gifted people who belong together.

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Baptism as Identity Marker

Why is baptism important? What happens when you get baptized? How baptism marks you off as a daughter or son of God. A look into what Paul has to say about baptism in Romans 6:1-11.

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Divine Election

Predestination or Free Will? That’s not the debate between Arminians and Calvinists. Both Reformed traditions believe in Divine Election. So what’s the difference?

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