Bright Young Mind

A rideshare conversation with a bright young student. An example of the many wonderful conversations I get to have on the road with all sorts of people. As a pastor, educator, theologian, it’s great not to be confined by a building. The whole world is my church!

Who are the Magoi?

We probably know the story of the 3 wise men (aka the 3 Kings of the Orient) who came bearing gifts for the Jewish Messiah after they saw his star in the East. But what is the significance of this story at the beginning of Matthew’s gospel?

Advent & the Son of Man

Why did Jesus say this generation will not pass away until all has taken place? Was he mistaken, or did the early church believe Jesus would return during their lifetimes? The answer lies in the Old Testament book of Daniel. Hint hint … it is not about the second advent.

Paul and the Shema
Pastor James Intro