Romans 10:14-21

Synergy Bible Study. Support this channel: How can they be saved if messengers are not sent out?

The Meaning of Redemption

Jesus meets two disciples on the road to Emmaus and explains to them through the scriptures why these things had to occur. Taken from Luke 24:13-35. Essential Scriptures Series. Support this channel:

Romans 10:5-13

Synergy Bible Study, in Christ, declared righteous and saved with no distinction between Jew and Gentile. Support this channel:

Romans 9:30-10:4

Synergy Bible Study, righteousness comes through faith in Christ for all who believe. Support this channel:

Romans 9:19-29

Synergy Bible Study, why does God still find fault? Support this channel:

Romans 9:14-18

Synergy Bible Study, Is God unjust in choosing some and not others? Support this channel:

Romans 9:6-13

Synergy Bible Study, Paul begins to tell the story of Israel through the Patriarchs in order to say God’s Word never failed. Support this channel:

Why I Became a Pastor

What happened to me the first time I went to North Carolina and why I knew it was God relentlessly pursuing me in spite of my hesitance to join the ministry. Now I can’t think of a greater privilege than this! Support this channel:

Romans 9:1-5

Synergy Bible Study on Romans 9:1-5, Paul’s anguish over the unbelief of his own people. Support this channel:

Should You Vaccinate?

In response to an article that a friend of mine who is a mother sent me. I’m including the link to the article below along with a few other links I find in my research. Please be aware Christians from different communities can disagree on this issue, but we do not do so with arrogance and the pretense of being God’s only spokesperson on issues he hasn’t clearly addressed. Support this channel: